12 Feb


Solidarity Network – Workers’ Center organised another monthly meeting with their members on 28th of November. We discussed the issues concerning labour in the frames of today’s the political and economic crisis.

We are cordially happy that our canvassing and talking to the workers on their workplace was a successful strategy. We are glad to see more and more new members joining us.

These assemblies are significant. On the one hand, the workers are introduced to the Georgian Labour Code and they are given the information about their legal rights, so they could be well prepared to tackle the legal issues concerning their employees. Furthermore, our talks focus on the political process that determines their labour problems. The politicisation of their everyday problems helps for the workers to commence thinking about collective struggles in order to solve their problems.

On the other hand, these assembly meetings endorse the high level of internal democracy of the organisation. The members do express their opinions about the positions of the organisation about various topics. The members do also make suggestions and create the future plans of the organisation collectively. Henceforth, it is to be underlined that this process invokes the sense of solidarity among the workers and at the same time it provides a prerequisite necessity for the organisation to avoid the bureaucracy.

Join us for the next meeting to continue the struggle for the decent work and better life!