12 Feb


The chairperson of our alternative trade union is the feminist Sopo Japaridze. We believe that it is necessary to increase the role of women in trade union activities.  

“We have commenced building a democratic, independent and effective trade union. For us a democratic union incorporates the idea that all the members can vote to elect a chairperson and it should not only be an indirect right reserved only for some delegates. Additionally, the term in office for the chairperson should be defined. We are held accountable to our members.

We deem that it is not enough to pursue struggle only at a workplace in order to improve the labour conditions in the country. We consider that attention should also be given to the following vital issues: debts, high percentage credits, housing, increased prices, limited budget, minimum wage, pensions and retirement, healthcare and insurance, unemployment and etc.

The most important thing is that we a have different strategy of struggle. Our main objective is to integrate the workers in in this process.” –  Sopo Japaridze